Steel Guitar Conventions

This is a list of Steel Guitar Conventions. If you know of one which should be added send me the link to their web site and I will add it to the list.

USA Steel Guitar Conventions


The Southwest Steel Guitar Convention


The Southwest Steel Guitar Convention is held usually around the third week of January of each year. No date has been set for 2014 as the 2013 show just finished up. I have not been to this show, however, I am told that many of the west coast players go to this one. I am going to have to put this on my list of shows to go to. Got to the link below for more information.


For those of you who play the lap steel the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association (HSGA) hold an annual convention and has links to other lap steel conventions. Here is the link.



International Steel Guitar Convention

St. Louis

Scotty's International Steel Guitar Convention will be August 29, 30, 31 2013 at the Millenium Hotel in St. Louis, MO. Lots of pro players and vendors. Excellent convention. Visit Scotty's Music at  for more information.


Texas Steel Guitar Jamboree

The 29th TSGA Jamboree will be held at the Shearton Hotel in Dallas Texas March 7 - 9 2013. I always have fun at this show. Many wonderful steel guitar players as well as many steel guitar manufacturers and other vendors. Visit for more information.

International Steel Conventions



The Irish Steel Guitar Association holds an annual convention and has scheduled its festival for October of 2013. Follow the link for more information.

The Irish Steel Guitar Association

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  1. HI Stann

    I know fiddlers who gave up on steel and steelers who gave up on fiddle. I'm a steeler and after 7 years on fiddle I am still trying to get it to the point where steel was at 2 years. Have fun. Liam youtube liam McWilliams pedal steel snips